The Power of Stories

“I’m glad I was sitting when my partner told me the news. I could tell he was devastated. The quiver in his voice belied his usual easy demeanor. At the time, it seemed that we had both lost everything we worked to build for over two years. I suppose it’s funny, looking back, that the very people who stole our business idea ended up suffering from a fatal mistake we avoided by starting over from scratch.”

Would you like to hear the rest of the story? Did George and Albert finally get their act together and build the greatest widget ever? Is there some key nugget in their story that could help you strike gold?

If it only took a few minutes of your time, you might be intrigued enough to listen. Our listeners do. BSAN helps our hosts extract quality information and insights from the interviews they conduct with guests. Our professional editing, combined with good questions from our hosts, generate brief, clear and memorable episodes.

The best episodes are those that tell a story. It’s like assembling a sophomore essay: 1. Tell them what you are going to tell them, 2. Tell them, 3. Tell them what you told them. The host gets to introduce the topic with authority and end every episode with a moral or summary. We help them write those scripts so that they complement their business purposes as well as the sincere intent of their community-focused audio blogging.

The rest of the story? Well, George ran out of patience and money. Albert, on-the-other-hand, stayed with the business. His widget was bought-out by a huge widget competitor and he invested the windfall into stopping cat juggling videos on Twitter.

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by David Sahd, Editor-in-Chief