Adding Value

Expertise is a characteristic expected of professionals in the business-to-business and financial sectors.  Today’s competitive market places expect that professional firms possess training, certifications and experience as mere prerequisites to consideration.

That being the case, how do firms distinguish themselves in a sea of “high-level, trusted advisors”?

BSAN affiliates add value to their business propositions through a clever integration of practice development resources, community connections, and marketing strategies.  They leverage talent and resources they already have and don’t use, or that they are not using to full potential, to build consistent business development pipelines.

BSAN tools are simple to learn and use.  Strategies are implemented with familiar processes.  The results are impressive.

Business consultants and service providers seek out participation in the strategic referral networks that we help BSAN affiliates create.  The listeners in our affiliates’ target markets, and those of their guests, find value in our brief, non-solicitous audio blog formats.  Without self-promotion, guests are able present information and stories that inform and inspire listeners. That gives them great credibility as owners, executives and professionals.

That credibility redounds to our affiliates. In turn, they approach the responsibility of making real contributions to their business communities with a passion for learning and sharing. They understand how the credibility and visibility they generate benefits their personal and business strategic needs.

BSAN is a podcast service – a really good one!  Our value-add to affiliates’ is creating audio blogs that help to achieve their unique business goals. We provide the tools, coaching and business strategies needed to build efficiently managed network pipelines that consistently produce qualified referrals.

David Sahd

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